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1,246 kilometers of help!

We want to collect funds for the purchase of equipment for therapeutic hypothermia in "N" transport. To this end, we intend to symbolically cover the distance between Warsaw and Venice. All that in order to publicize the fundraising for the purchase of equipment rescuing children! You can ride a bike, scooter, skateboard, anything that is powered by your muscles, and you can run or walk.

Help us in this initiative, join the challenge, and document the kilometers traveled by publishing a photo on social media. Use the hashtag #THSNInAction so we can see it. Remember, deposit any amount on the THSN account and invite your friends and acquaintances. Every zloty counts!

With the collected money, we will be able to equip the ambulance of another hospital with specialized equipment for therapeutic hypothermia for newborns with perinatal hypoxia. The key to the success of this therapy is prompt treatment initiation.

You have time until 13 June. We count on you!

€ 7,171.85

(and € 154.63 of pledges)

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