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#190 birthday

Generali celebrates its 190th birthday this year. We, in Generali are very prouf of that. As well as the fact that our company considers it important to support the most deprived sections of society, to create their safe lives. We have decided to celebrate this difficult year’s birthday with giving.

That’s why we line up behind what’s important to our company and contribute to Generali’s THSN program in Hungary. If ypu also consider importan that is important to our company, you can symbolically offer a birthday cake and support those who are just being born!

Ask your friends to contribute to the donation with a slice of cake! If you want, bake a cookie for them in return. Remember, the bigger your cake gets, the more you can contribute to the joing fundraising.

Join our challenge! Create your own personal fundraising page where you can collect donations and gather supporters for each slice of your cake!

€ 354.53

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