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Accessibility to Digital Education

Covid-19 has disrupted all our lives, and our children have not been spared. Restricted movements means no physical classrooms. Online learning seems to be the solution, but students from the B40 community are struggling.

The UN’s “Families on the Edge” study in 2020 revealed:

  • nearly nine in 10 only used mobile phones as learning devices
  • eight in 10 had no access to computers.
  • Three in five parents do not want online classes because of either lack of Internet access or no computer (or laptop/tablet).

Education is not a privilege; it is a basic human right. Without access to education, our most vulnerable group are at risk of being left further behind.

Join us to raise funds to improve their accessibility for online learning.

To get the momentum going – we at MPI GENERALI will be having an internal challenge to see which Team raises the highest funds. Support your respective team and let us reach out to as many students as possible!

MPI Generali thanks you for your interest in this program and for making an impact to our B40 communities @ Sekolah / PPR Lembah Subang!

Who is organising this? MPI Generali together with our partner NGO, Yayasan Generasi Gemilang. This is under MPI Generali’s global CSR initiative, The Human Safety Net (THSN).

Who will receive the funds? The funds collected will support students from the B40 community located in Sekolah Kebangsaan Lembah Subang.

How much is needed to support one (1) student? A total of RM950.00 (EURO $190) is required to support one (1) student. This will cover the cost of:

  • tablet device
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids App software, and
  • internet connectivity until the year end.

How long will this campaign run? “Accessibility to Digital Education” will run from 9 June 2021 to 27 June 2021.

How do I donate? Visit any of our team page and click “donate”. Payment can be made via credit card.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes, donations will be eligible for tax deduction in Malaysia only.

€ 20,840.08

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