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THSN 2021 Challenge

€ 13,006

have already been raised
by Employees and Agents in France


Engaged French employees or Agents to
support THSN 2021 Challenge

Explore the challenges of France

All the challenges presented below were created by the France coordination team. You may prefer to participate in one or create your own (see last option).


Passion4Good #1

Thanks to one of my personal talents or passions, I make or restore an object, telling how I used my energy to create or repair it and put it up for sale on Emmaus' solidarity platform.

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Passion4Good #2

Based on one of my personal passions or interests, I organise an online event (e.g. a small conference, a recipe demonstration, a concert....) via Teams or Skype with a minimum contribution of €1 to The Human Safety Net.

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Green Move

If you are a sports fan or enjoy physical activity, I commit to running, walking, cycling, scootering, rollerblading or even sailing - all ways to cover a distance without polluting the environment - in the ""Green Moove"" race by involving my family, friends or colleagues... with a minimum contribution of €1 to The Human Safety Net.

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Create Your Personal Challenge

You can also create your own Personal Challenge to raise fund for The Human Safety Net Program in your country. it's up to you!

You can do it alone or with other colleagues: you want to climb a mountain, make a Trail, organize a digital Karaoke night,...Be creative, announce your Challenge and start raising fund qith your Personal page!

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Download our local program of THSN 2021 CHALLENGE and see how you can volunteer

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Need help?

Because we want you to succeed, we prepared tools and tips to help you fundraise. Fundraising 6 steps guide, social media content, and documents about the difference you make. If you have any question about fundraising, please email your country manager.

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