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Italy - Greenmove 190 km Challenge

Challenge yourself, live green and support THSN/Ora di Futuro!

How? Join us: try to move 190 km with zero emissions and cover all together the world circumference, 40.075 km! You can choose the means you prefer… you just need to stick to zero carbon foot print aiming towards better sustainable and environmental practices. Walk, ride, run, roller skate, drive an electric motorbike or scooter…track the distance you travel and then record it to reach your goal.

Let’s activate yourself and celebrate 190th Generali's birthday! To register, create your personal fundraising page and start raising funds to support i progetti di Ora di Futuro e farai la tua parte per uno stile di vita più sostenibile! You will find further details on the challenge in the challenge DETAILED PROGRAM & TOOLS .

When? from May 28th till June 13th


€ 37,328

(and € 2,265 of pledges)

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