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Join us in joint challenges or create your own!

In the Czech Republic, the last weekend in May will be mainly dedicated to joint challenges. Will you walk 12.5 km along a red tourist sign? Or will you go down the river in a unique vessel? (We want to see it! Take a picture!) Or do you prefer to remain in the city and to discover the beauty of Prague according to the book written by Petr Ryska? (Try to look for letter-shaped streets on the map. It's fun.) And when you are already among people, good deeds count. How many can you make during the weekend? (Just one, a really good one, would be sufficient.) Or do you plan a spring house cleaning? What about to sort out books for the benefit of other children or to entertain your own children within a creative initiative, working with the colors of The Human Safety Net, according to our colleague Katka. (Red, orange, purple - Katka will create a big painting. Get inspired.)

From 28.5. to 30.5. 2021, employees and agents of the Generali Group in the Czech Republic will actively participate in the Global Challenge of The Human Safety Net initiative.

Join us and contribute with any financial amount to the premature babies of the Vita et Futura Foundation Fund. Thank you.

€ 10,015.79

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