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Shave for hope

Pandemic holds you to go to Salon or to simply touch up your hair? Let's make your haircut budget more worth.

Don't hold yourself, you can donate your haircut budget to support the online school program and produce more HAYOOO...! boardgame for 300 underprivileged children and families from Yayasan Hope and Ibu Profesional.

This challenge period is from 7 - 20 June 2021. Let's start with 5 simple steps:

  1. Register by creating your own fundraising page
  2. Give your donation on this challenge at your page
  3. Set your donation target for this challenge in your page
  4. Copy, paste link provided, and share it to your colleagues, family, friends and others through your personal chat (e.g. Whatsapp, SMS, email, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  5. Upload donation proof and photo to this link:

Your support can make the underprivileged children proud to have their online classes without distraction!

€ 450

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